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A visit to the playground is more than fun. It lets kids exercise their bodies, brains, and social skills. It also gives them a chance for free play & that’s important for healthy development. Safety is paramount when choosing the right surface for your playground or your play area. Most playground injuries happen when a child falls from the equipment onto the ground.

That is why the best way to prevent injuries is to make sure the surface underneath it can help absorb and soften the impact when children land on it.

This is the point of our belief that “safety comes first” and the reason why we created and developed the REFOPLAY shock pad family.

All of our products are certified & tested according to European norms, with respect to the fragility of our ecosystems & and we hold the certification ”REMADE IN ITALY” which ensures all of the above. The sustainability of our product lines can prove that our world is a safe place for future generations.



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