REFO CLICK 10 ND Click size

Transform your favorite areas to green landscapes of artificial grass providing yourself with safety underneath, for shock absorption and comfortable walking.
Refo Click is a pioneer product that combines the safety of a shock pad in combination with the comfort and aesthetics of artificial grass. Composed of polyethylene foam, selected and re-agglomerated hot without resins of any kind, so as to form panels for use in various sectors. Refo Click comes in puzzle shape so you can install it without any difficulties. An eco-friendly & 100% recyclable product, certified and tested according to the European norms.

  • MUGA

Material: Thermal bonded (closed-celled) cross-linked Polyethylene foam. Regenerated PE foam plates with elastic properties without drainage holes / eco-friendly
Thickness of shock pad: 10 mm
Dimensions: 98 x 98 cm
Plate: 1 sqm
Weight: 1.00 kg/m³
Drainage: Vertical from the perimeter of the plates, from puzzle form
Permeability: 180 mm / h
Hydraulic Capacity: ON THE SURFACE