REFO PLAY 25 N Puzzle Form

All kids need a soft place to play.
Comfort & safety are the main features of REFO PLAY line of APETEK. 100% Recyclable, 100% eco-friendly and low costs shock pads.
Whether you have a baby, a toddler or a child who loves to play, REFO PLAY shock pads are perfect for the safety of the children and not only!
Intended for installation in playgrounds, green areas, hanging gardens and all surfaces that need an excellent level of shock absorption.
The shock-pads, simply laid, are composed of a puzzle surface with remarkable drainage qualities, which means that, even after strong and prolonged rains, the interlocking tiles remain dry.
REFO PLAY guarantees fun and protection for children of any age.

  • Vertical
  • HIC test EN1177:2018
  • 25 years warranty

Material: Thermal bonded (closed-celled) cross-linked Polyethylene foam. Perforated slab with interlocking system, vertical drainage only / eco-friendly
HIC value: 1.50 M (1 layer) / EN 11/77: 2018
2.60 M (2 layer)
Thickness of shock pad: 25mm
Dimensions: 225 x 90 cm
Plate: 2.025 sqm
Weight: 0.80kg/m³
Drainage: Vertical
Permeability: 3000 mm / h EN 12616:2004
Test report: EN 1177 (2008)
Application: playgrounds,