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Refo Protect is the line dedicated to building products for each type of use. The use of this material is to protect bituminous membranes and all those surfaces that need separation and highly efficient protection against the walls.

Suitable for all those installations where high protection is required both vertical and/or on the surface of sheaths prefabricated structures such as plinths, concrete, etc.

Special application to protect both underground and submarine pipelines or pipelines that need adequate mechanical protection. The geo-composite section adds to the high protective efficiency, and also considerable drainage and hydraulic capacity in the plain that allows the use in all those installations where it is crucial to evacuate a large quantity of water and separate protecting the surface from the ground below, or any material that should not come into contact with the protective sheaths.

For these characteristics, there is no specific use but an indication in all those constructions such as hanging gardens, green roofs, landfills, or surfaces where protection, drainage, and filtration are essential & functional requirements for the project.

All of our products are certified & tested according to the European norms, with respect to the fragility of our ecosystems & holding the certification ”REMADE IN ITALY” which ensures all the above. The sustainability of our product lines can prove that our world is a safe place for future generations.


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