REFO PROTECT 20 ND Plates Right angle

REFO PROTECT is the line dedicated to building material for each type of use.
These materials are used for the protection of bituminous sheaths and of all those surfaces that need a separation and a highly efficient protection against walls. Indicated in all those installations where a high level of protection is required, both vertical and / or on the surface of sheaths or prefabricated structures such as plinth, concrete walls etc. special application to protect both underground and submarine pipelines or piping that requires adequate mechanical protection.
REFO PROTECT is particularly indicated for the construction of large projects and for the protection of impermeable sheaths in landfills or ferrous deposits.

  • Test method:
    ISO 1923
    ISO 845
    ISO 3386/1
    ISO 1798
    DIN 53507
    ISO 1856
    ISO 2796
    DIN 75200
    ASTM D 2240
    ISO R.868

Format: standard supplied in rolls, on request in plates mm 2300×1000 or 2000×1000 Dimension: Length 10mtl (standard) – 20 – 40 mtl on request / Height: 1mt Property: Thickness 20.08mm / ISO 1923 Density: 0.90 kg/m3 / ISO 845 Product: upon request