REFO SPORT 12ND S Puzzle Form

A game to remember!
Apetek has developed the absolute sport shock pad family REFOSPORT.
We produce high performing sport shock pad systems for FIFA, GAA, AMERICAN & AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL, WORLD RUGBY, certified and tested.
The product line REFOSPORT, are regenerated PE foam pads with elastic properties for play areas and specific mechanical – hydraulic properties designed for each sport. In the field constructed with REFOSPORT, safety and comfort are brought to the maximum level. The system is lightweight, fast and easy to install, certified & laboratory tested , so it allows to meet the requirements of professional sports like FIFA, FIH, GAA, WORLD RUGBY.

  • Vertical from the perimeter of the plates, from puzzle form
  • 25 years warranty

Material: Thermal bonded (closed-celled) cross-linked Polyethylene foam. Regenerated PE foam plates with elastic properties without
holes / eco-friendly
Thickness of shock pad: 12,5mm
Dimensions: 90 x 225 cm
Plate: 2.025 sqm
Weight: 1 kg/m³
Drainage: Vertical from the perimeter of the plates, from puzzle form
Permeability: 180 mm / h EN 12616:2004
Hydraulic Capacity: On the surface
Application: Recommended for INDOOR installations, Hockey and MUGA