The products of APETEK are used, thanks to their density and consistency, even within the livestock sector, in particular for the production of animal bedding. Animal solutions is a custom made product according to your needs and dimensions of your space. The most popular products of our range for this category are REFO PROTECT 25/160, REFO PROTECT 30/160 & REFO PROTECT 60 which is also the best and unique solution for cow stables.

  • MIT CERTIFICATION n.0068/CPR/062-2014

REFO PROTECT 25 160 Format: standard supplied in rolls, on request Mass per unit area: unit of measure (g/mg), Value 3.500, tolerance +/-5%, EN ISO 9864 Thikness at2 kPA: unit of measure (mm), value 29, tolerance +/-5%, EN ISO 9863 CUSTOM MADE PRODUCT ACCORDING TO YOUR NEEDS