The shock pads of the line REFO SPORT, designed especially for soccer fields, ensure safety and comfort of the game for all disciplines.
The products are certified ISA sport and LND.


The products REFO PROTECT, composed of Agglomerate PE foam insulation panels, dedicated to building, have three main functions: protection (thermal insulation), drainage, drainage with heating Special.


The REFO PLAY products shock pads underlay, dedicated installation in playgrounds and green areas, provide of a good shock protection. All Products of this line are tested HIC.


Installation of roofs, terraces and roof gardens, is dedicated product line draining REFO PROTECT, which allow greater coverage and drainage construction solutions choices.


REFO TARGET is the brand dedicated to the production of targets with a great collection of traditional bows and arrows compound, for lovers of archery.
These Products are adopted by F.I.T.A.


The products of APETEK are used, thanks to their density and consistency, even within the livestock sector, in particular for the production of animal bedding.