The product REFO TARGET is made up of archery-targets, made up of a closed-cell cross-linked polyethylene foam panel particularly resistant to abrasion and impact.
REFO TARGET have the main feature of compactness and are durable and resistant to atmospheric agents.
The product gives a retarding action in the impact phase and an easy extraction of the object for the requested application.



REFO TARGET products are divided into categories:


  • REFO TARGET 60×60 S; REFO TARGET 80×80 S; REFO TARGET 90×90 S; REFO TARGET 100×100 S; REFO TARGET 130×130 S


  • REFO TARGET 80×80 D; REFO TARGET 80×80 D; REFO TARGET 90×90 D; REFO TARGET 100×100 D; REFO TARGET 130×130 D


  • REFO TARGET 80×80 T; REFO TARGET 80×80 T; REFO TARGET 90×90 T; REFO TARGET 100×100 T; REFO TARGET 130×130 T;
    REFO TARGET 80×80 Q; REFO TARGET 80×80 Q;
    REFO TARGET 90×90 Q; REFO TARGET 100×100 Q;
    REFO TARGET 130x130Q


  • REFO STRIPS 70×27 (Sp. 6/7 cm) ; REFO STRIPS 90×27 (Sp. 6/7 cm); REFO STRIPS 100×27 (Sp. 6/7 cm); REFO STRIPS 130×27 (Sp. 6/7 cm);
    REFO STRIPS 140×27 (Sp. 6/7 cm)


To find out more about the technical characteristics of the REFO TARGET products, download our brochures


The product is made of regenerated agglomerated expanded polyethylene with application on both sides of a virgin PE panel:

  • 100% recyclable
  • Odorless
  • water-repellent
  • Dimensional stability that makes the product suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Long durability even after several uses