REFO PROTECT is the line dedicated to building products for each type of use.
These materials are used for the protection of bituminous sheaths and of all those surfaces that need a separation and a highly efficient protection against walls. Indicated in all those installations where a high level of protection is required, both vertical and / or on the surface of sheaths or prefabricated structures such as plinth, concrete walls etc. special application to protect both underground and submarine pipelines or piping that requires adequate mechanical protection;
REFO PROTECT is particularly indicated for the construction of large works and for the protection of impermeable sheaths in landfills or ferrous deposits;



We have subdivided the REFO PROTECT line into products, each with a technical data sheet and certification based on the thickness of the shock-pad.


    The products of the REFO PROTECT line have obtained the certificates of conformity issued by the Institute of Research and Testing M. Masini S.r.l. from Rho (MI)


    To learn more about the technical characteristics of the REFO PROTECT products, download our brochure.


    • Operational advantages: absolute absence of adhesives or other mechanical fixings such as nails or dowels; the product is heat-resistant to the existing sheath using a heat source such as a hot air cylinder or blower normally supplied to the waterproofing
    • maximum flexibility offered in the coating of curved or non-planar surfaces
    • reduction of the static load on existing slabs and structures reducing the protective efficiency of the drainage and filtration sheaths in a reduced thickness
    • fast laying and perfect adhesion of the glue to the surface of the coupled geotextile allowing an excellent grip
    • high protection efficiency and good drainage
    • high mechanical strength and good flexibility particularly indicated in water collection points along railway tracks or on road pavements where high permeability and hydraulic capacity are required