The company from Bergamo APETEK specializes in the regeneration of post-industrial expanded polyolefin residues through a process that represents a “unique” for efficiency that contributes and adheres significantly to the environmental balance.

The production, processing and sale of closed cell regenerated polyethylene foam products, meet the current regulations to be able to use finished products in: construction, animal husbandry, sports, playgrounds for children and in general where drainage and protection are essential requirements for success of a work or an installation.

The products are born from the belief that only by observing the real, the practical, and what is really needed, can win winning ideas to satisfy the supplier and the customer guaranteeing quality and continuity over time. To achieve these goals, APETEK is constantly investing in research and development both to improve current catalog products and to develop new applications in sectors other than those hitherto covered. The re-use process of expanded polyolefin foams contributes to give a second life to the material and to generate new features that improve the original performance, enhancing, in every field of application, the continuous search for innovative solutions.

The best innovations produced by APETEK have obtained certificates in Italy, at European level and even worldwide.


  1. Make known their innovative solutions on foreign marketing.

  2. Investing in research and development to find new fields of application of the product

  3. Constantly improve the yield of all products in the catalog

  4. Get the major international certifications for their products


APETEK is the result of a decade of industrial experience in the recovery, regeneration and transformation of expanded polyolefins of European production. All the production processes have a know-how acquired from the constant cohesion with the European industrial fabric (automotive, packaging, etc.) that has been able to capture crises and transformations over the years, always generating unique products with precise characteristics and extreme durability in every field of application.

Expanded polyethylene processing - 25 years
Entry into operation of the new plant - 5 years
Tons of recovered material: 250,000 in 5 years
Mc of recovered material: 25,000,000 in 5 years
Kg of C02 saved: more than 3,000,000 in 5 years


Create synergies with the end user to generate that alchemy that leads to the creation of increasingly efficient and innovative products. 

Why choose our company?

  • Absolute product quality

  • Certifications obtained

  • Service assistance and continuity

  • Patented products

  • Clear and defined costs since the offer.



Corso Italia, 19 – 24040 Osio Sopra (BG)


+ 39 035 49 42201

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