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Agglomerate PE foam regenerated: high efficiency of protection, drainage, filtration, separation, used in large and small works.



Mats litter in agglomerate PE foam closed cell, heat and water repellent.



Plates Antishock with interlocking systems, surfaces for gaming certified HIC: excellent drainage properties for the presence of holes and grooves.



Target Butt in agglomerate PE foam, with a density of 50kg/m3. Several models, thickness and density for indoor and outdoor.



Surfaces for drainage and protection, covering material for roofs, terraces and garage



Elastic shock pad for playing fields: safety, comfort and performance at the highest level. Ultralight system, fast and easy installation



Having certified products has the advantage of having a greater guarantee of quality, technical characteristics and durability of the material over the course of time.

Total guarantee of reuse and regeneration of the material once it has reached its end of life.

We welcome ideas and develop projects and designs tailored to meet customer needs with flexible solutions.

Why choose our company?

We invest in research and development 90%
We patent our products 73%
We are certified 65%
We create synergies with our customers 54%



Will arrive, at the building site, one of our consultants in charge of the verification of the technical solutions (positioning, at what time of day to install, etc ..), for the selection and installation of our products properly.

The installation of our solutions is made particularly easy by the intuitive interlocking system and the lightness of the plates that make up our products.

If requested, we assist the customer during the installation, especially during the first installations, all ensuring a satisfactory and appreciated result by the end user.

We offer an ad-hoc service with the possibility of requesting customized products (brands, logos, writings, drawings, engravings and carvings) or simply creating prototypes on projects or customer ideas, thanks to the total versatility of our recycled polyethylene.

APETEK SRL, provides to customers the opportunity to have a manual where they can find a complete and detailed description of each product divided by utilization category.

Will be provided a brief description of the installation for each product.

If there are particular environmental conditions as high or low temperatures, refer to the specific installation advice.

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APETEK manufactures and markets products developed around the world starting from scraps of expanded polyethylene, a very versatile material that can be applied in various sectors.
The company, based in Italy, boasts customers in over 20 countries worldwide.

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